February 17, 2022



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Uncommon Wedding Traditions We Love

When planning a wedding there are plenty of ways you can create a unique experience for your guests and for you and your partner. One uncommon tradition that can give the newly wedded couple a romantic moment alone is a private last dance before the final exit. We love this idea because it gives you both a peaceful moment after a long day of celebration and allows for some alone time with your partner, afterall the day is about you two! 

Although your wedding day is to celebrate the newlyweds, plenty of time goes into planning for guests that come to share this special moment with you! An uncommon tradition we have seen become a trend is an audio message guestbook. The guests will each have the opportunity to record a short memo for the couple to listen to afterwards. This idea is very unique and would be heartwarming if all the recordings were combined to create an unforgettable recording! 

Coffee Carts! This adds a cute and purposeful touch to your wedding! Everyone wants to dance all night and the option to sip on a cute coffee between cocktails is genius! Even better,  add in some spirits to make your coffee double as a cocktail! The coffee cart is also an opportunity to add more touches of your decor to pull the reception together! 

Another uncommon tradition that would be a unique touch to your wedding day is handwritten letters from the couple to each table for the guests. The letters provide great conversation starters at the table and make the guests feel loved and welcomed by the newlyweds. The guests will have a memento to bring home as a personalized gift from the newly wed couple! 

We look forward to incorporating any touches that make this day memorable and unique to you and your guests! Check out our Instagram & Facebook and let us know of any uncommon wedding traditions you have seen or incorporated into your wedding! 


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