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2022 Wedding Trend Predictions

2022 Wedding trend predictions

If there is one word to describe what we’ve seen so far from 2022 weddings, it would be class. This year we are talking timeless and classy vibes. Simplicity is in. When you’re showing your children wedding photos 20 years from now, you don’t want to look back and have any regrets. This is our list of timeless trends you’ll be proud to show your future children. 

Two words: Champagne tower. This is an edgier take on the champagne wall, but it makes for a perfect photo. You’ll have your guests full attention as they ooh and ah as the champagne makes its way into each flute.

Next on our list is feathers. Adding feathers to your clothes is the perfect way to elevate an outfit and make it look chic. It’s a huge fashion trend right now, especially in getting ready outfits, so it would make a perfect addition to any wedding wardrobe.

Flash film photography is an amazing way to capture all those candid moments. There is something about a film camera that makes everyone look stunning. The film will capture the true joy on everyone’s faces. 

Hear us out, bows. Put them on your shoes, in your hair, or even your dress. Bows are stunning and a great detail to add to your wedding. They are so versatile, anything you put a bow on instantly looks pretty and put together!

Another timeless favorite is pearls. They are so versatile, put them in your hair, on your vail, wear them as jewelry, and you could even use them as a decoration at your reception tables or on the cake. Pearls are gorgeous and classy and the perfect way to elevate your wedding.  

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