July 11, 2021


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Tips and Tricks for Planning a Corporate Event During Covid

As the weather is getting warmer and the summer is here, we are all getting more comfortable with large gatherings. Many of us have been vaccinated, which means that we will hopefully be able to see our friends and family this summer. However, along with things opening back up, means corporate offices opening back up as well! After spending years as a corporate event planner, I have gathered some of my favorite tips for planning a corporate event, but this time, during Covid-19. 

First, try to follow all CDC guidelines during your event, and try to stay updated on any changes to those guidelines in the days leading up to your event. With all of the hustle and bustle of planning a large corporate event, it is easy to forget about Covid and all of its complications. However, it is very important to pay attention and be meticulous, for the health and safety of you and all of your guests!

Second, plan your food and drinks accordingly! Because of Covid, buffet-style food service is not recommended. We recommend that you consider other options, such as grab-and-go style food options, with pre-made meals so your guests are able to quickly get their food and sit down to enjoy! Per CDC guidelines, it is also likely that your guests will have to remain seated while they are eating. If you are planning a networking event, it is important to consider using table assignments, and seat your guests accordingly!

Third, contact tracing! Hopefully, all or many of your guests will be vaccinated. However, in the event that someone contracts Covid-19 and spreads it to your guests, you will want to have all of your guests’ contact information, so you will be able to inform them that they may have been exposed to the virus. Collecting this information from your guests can also be helpful for networking purposes, such as sending out thank you notes, following up on conversations, and setting up meetings for the future! 

We are very excited to start planning corporate events again in the near future! Contact us for more information about booking!


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