July 14, 2021



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Edgewater Hotel

The Edgewater Hotel is a waterfront staple, making it the perfect location for a true Seattle wedding. Sitting right on the edge of Elliot Bay, the glass walls give guests a perfect view of the city’s historic ferries coming in and out of its bay, and the iconic skyline hovering under the Space Needle. Come here around sunset hours and you’ll surely be drooling over the views of this Emerald City. There’s no shortage of things to do in the area, just outside Washington’s lush evergreen forests visible across the bay and its bustling city with endless culinary options, including some of the freshest seafood you can buy. Without even leaving the hotel, where you can learn more about Washington’s capital from inside as the hotel is full of rich musical history. The Edgewater Hotel has been home to many rock ‘n’ roll legends, such as Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, which is only a small glimpse of its musical history since opening in 1962. Coming from the famous Seattle Public Market to grab a snack, performers would call this hotel home after their long days on tour, finding comfort in its cityside accommodations and relaxing vibe. 

The hotel has mastered hosting events by offering guests a complimentary room on their wedding night, with an option to upgrade into the Pearl Jam suite or the Beatles Room where you can play their guitars and record players all night long. The Edgewater has three unique locations to offer for you and your guests on your wedding day, making it one of the most flexible venues we’ve seen so far! The hotel team gives you the option of choosing from the terrace overlooking the magnificent Seattle Bay, the ballroom designed to sweep you off your feet in elegance, or the woodlands. With the largest room being able to accommodate up to 200 guests, this venue is perfect for every coast lover’s wedding! 


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