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Why is it Crucial to Have an Event Planner?

Taking on any big event is a big task. From a wedding to a bridal shower to graduation, a lot goes into the planning of the big event. Finding a venue, decor, tableware, florist, and more all within a certain budget can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. There are a lot of small details that go into the planning that go unnoticed in the initial excitement of the event. Managing these details is what we event planners do best to ensure a stress-free event!


Planning for an event is very time-consuming. For each aspect that goes along with creating a picture-perfect party, hours of research are done into finding the best fit. Company after company is called and countless appointments are being set up all just to fulfill the basics. An event planner does all of the hard time-consuming work for you. All of the time spent researching and reaching out to companies is done in the background, so the client can enjoy the fun part of testing different products and simply choosing what they like and dislike.


With all the details that go into planning an event, it is easy to get unorganized. The phone numbers and emails of different rental companies or photographers can get jumbled up in a mess. Having an event planner who you trust allows for all of the information to stay readily organized. Event planners put their best efforts into organizing excel sheets, mood boards, emails, and more to keep a clean layout of all of the different aspects going into your event in one place. Event planners’ organizational skills help to keep everything on track.


It is our job to stay within a budget while planning your event. For this reason, we take the time to search out the best offers and account for the big purchases you may want to fit into a not-as-big budget. Oftentimes, when clients go into putting together their own event, small aspects add up and they end up spending much more than what they had originally intended. With an event planner, that is not a problem, as the budget given is the amount of money spent. Additionally, the planner may have a relationship with vendors to get better prices than a client could alone.


With any big event, clients get excited into envisioning what exactly they would like it to look like. Sometimes, it can be hard to make this vision a reality on one’s own. It is simple to imagine the end product but a lot more difficult to realize what needs to be done in order to accomplish it. Event planners succeed in fighting for your vision and turning it into a reality. 


You only get one wedding, graduation, or bridal shower, while we get hundreds. Event planners are well trained to be able to plan your most ideal event to fulfill all of your standards. Lots of experience and practice gives the clients confidence in ensuring that their event will go just as planned. With an eye out for the necessities, event planners’ prior knowledge can serve as an important tool for planning a perfect event. 


An event planner is not like any other business relationship, rather than just hiring someone to accomplish a job, you are actually building a relationship with your planner. This is important because by getting to know one another, your event planner is crafting an event that is the best fit for you. 

At the end of the day, what’s most important is the celebration of the client. Hiring an event planner to do all of the background work allows for the client to give focus on what is really important and what they are truly celebrating. Less time is given to stress and worrying and more time is given to being able to enjoy and celebrate together.


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