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Veil or No Veil?

For many years, wearing a veil was a no brainer, however for modern-day brides it can be a difficult decision. Veils have been a long standing wedding day tradition that symbolized the purity of the bride. As time has gone on, veils have lost their symbolic meaning however remain a stylish wedding tradition for many. Deciding whether or not to wear a veil at your wedding? We’ve made a list of pros and cons to help you decide!


A veil can complete your look

A veil is the perfect accessory to some dresses! Tie in some matching lace or beading to complete your look and complement the dress. 

A veil is the perfect way to transform your look from day to night

If you are changing your dress from the ceremony for the reception then a veil is a great way to accessorize both dresses and allows for a quick change!

One in a lifetime accessory

Veils are an accessory specifically meant for your wedding day! It’s the only event in your life that you get to wear one so it will truly make you feel like a bride when you put one on. 

Incorporating an heirloom

A veil is a perfect way to incorporate “something old” into your wedding! Many brides wear veils passed down from their mothers and grandmothers and can add a meaningful touch to the wedding day. 

Wedding photos

Veils can be a beautiful and romantic detail in wedding photos! Wedding photographers are full of great ideas of ways to style and place veils to create the perfect shot. 


Competing with the gown

Veils can sometimes take away from the gown, especially if the gown is heavily detailed. We advise picking out your gown before your veil to avoid this.

Getting in the way

Veils can be a hassle on your wedding day. They are a hazard if too long and can get stuck in jewelry, especially if it’s windy out on your big day. 

Additional expense

Weddings are expensive… and with that, so are veils. Sometimes eliminating the cost of the veil makes room for other things in your wedding budget!


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