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Wedding Invitation Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to planning your wedding, the invitations are the beginning of the process! To start your wedding planning process, designing your invitations is more important than you think. We have found that there are a ton of misconceptions about what makes a good wedding invitation. Here we have listed our top 5 do’s and don’ts of designing your wedding invitations!

1. We recommend choosing your color scheme and the theme of your wedding before designing your invitations, that way everything will match. When sending out your invitations, the colors and the theme of the invitation will put an image of your wedding day in the minds of your guests.

2. One of the most important things you can do before sending out your invitations is to number every invitation. Make a list of your guests, and assign their invitation a number. That way if any of your guests RSVP and forget to write their name on it, you will still know which guest it is. 

3. Another one of our best tips for designing your wedding invitations is to be careful which fonts you choose to use. Not only is it important to be consistent with the fonts that you use for your save-the-dates and for your actual invitations, but it is essential that you choose a font that is easy to read, and is a color that is bold and easy to see. We recommend using no more than two fonts on your invitations, to ensure that the invitations do not look too crowded and overwhelming. Stick to simple, delicate, and of course, beautiful fonts!

4. Do not mention your pre and post wedding events on the invitation. Your wedding invitation is meant to be sent out to everyone that will be attending your cocktail party, ceremony, and your reception. If you are planning a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding or if you are planning a brunch or gift opening party the day after, send out separate invitations to those small groups of guests. 

5. Your invitations give your guests an idea of the tone and energy of what your wedding day will be like. Be sure to choose your colors and fonts wisely, be very particular about staying organized, and of course, enjoy all of the preparation for your big day!


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