August 8, 2021



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Wedding Nail Ideas

In preparation for the big day, it all comes down to the details, one of these important details being nails. Nails may be small, but it is a big choice to make in completing your final look. Before diving into all of the possibilities, gel nail polish is a great choice so there is no risk of chipping on or before your wedding day. Now, let’s get into the colors. 

A classic French manicure is a great choice to match any wedding, dress, or season. It radiates simplicity and adds a great accent to any bride’s dress. For those who prefer something more bold or complex, there are different alterations to the classic French manicure that have the same clean classic effect. Such as a crisscross French tip, a small white flower on the index finger, or even a little bit of shimmer. 

Looking for something bolder? The word of color may be frightening yet beautiful and strong for brides looking to step away from a neutral nail. For a bold choice, a deep red is a great option. Red radiates strength, power, and beauty and looks amazing contrasted against all the white. 

Going back into neutrals, a simple nude or light pink is a sophisticated choice that accentuates the summer season. With neutrals, it is important that the color supports your skin tone. It’s all about the undertones, fair toned skin is generally enhanced with a light pink neutral nail because of pink undertones. Olive skin pairs well with a warm-toned neutral. Someone with more of a medium skin tone should avoid yellow undertones in their nude polish color. And finally, a dark skin tone pairs well with a dark creamy nude. 

Don’t be afraid to match your nails to the color scheme of your wedding. The color of your flowers, innovations, or bridesmaid dresses can be brought in by the color of your nails. This is a great choice that stays cohesive with the theme of the wedding and matches the season. A sage green for the winter, burnt orange for the fall, light pink for the summer, or light-toned grey for the spring would look great. 

Finally, a little pattern is always fun! A nude and white can always be played with to create a beautiful yet simple design. Simple patterns are growing in popularity, specifically a clear nail with white almost waves varying in thickness that differs across each nail. Such a pattern is fun yet not tacky and maintains a sense of elegance and poise.  


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