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3 Questions To Help Pick Your Wedding Theme

Are you still trying to decide on a theme for your wedding? At Harlow Events, we know that decision can be difficult because the options are limitless! In order to find the theme best fit to you, take some time with your spouse to think about how you want to remember your special day!  A great way to start is by browsing the platform pinterest. Pinterest provides many examples of different themed weddings so you can get inspired and decide what it is you like. We use pinterest as a large tool in helping plan weddings and you can even check out our page to get some inspiration! 

Answer these three questions to give you a guide for choosing a theme for your big day!

1. How do I want my wedding to look?

Really think hard about this question, there is a lot more depth than you may think. Your theme encompasses every small visual detail, and all of these details come together to create a general atmosphere.Think about the types of atmospheres you find yourself attracted to such as the types of stores you shop at. What colors do they have in common? Are they airy and open? Or are they colorful and bright? A wedding could look any way you want it to, you just have to decide what style you like the most!

2. What does my venue look like?

Your venue plays a big factor in your decision for a theme. Take in what the wall colors are, how the lighting looks, and any furniture that is already there. How will these help your theme? We can always add in as much decor as you want, but the venue will play a big factor! Choosing the venue already guides your theme towards a certain vibe. This creates a great starting place for decor and additional aspects that add to the theme. 

3. What mood do we want to create?

How do you want to feel when you walk in? How do you want your guests to feel? Do you want them to come in lounging sipping on a cocktail, or do you want them in party mode? The mood is created by the theme so by determining how you would like yourself and your guests to feel in the atmosphere, brings further understanding to what type of theme you are truly looking for. 

These three questions are so important to think about as you decide on your theme! Following these questions skips the indecisiveness and specifies a certain theme custom fit to you, bringing understanding about what you really want even if you are unable to initially answer that for yourself. You are in charge of setting the mood for how you want your wedding day to feel so pick what you want! At Harlow Events, we are always here to help you plan your wedding and help you pick a great theme.


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