May 16, 2021



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When to Splurge for a Wedding

Women spend their entire lives dreaming about what they want their wedding day to be like, but when the time comes to actually start planning it’s almost impossible to decide when to save and when to splurge. Setting a budget can be difficult, but with the help and guidance of a wedding planner, it is ensured that every special touch is perfect without having to sacrifice a thing. Whether it’s helping to plan the entire wedding or even just having an extra hand on the day of, having someone else there to guide you and take the stress out of your special day is well worth the money.


A picture is worth a thousand words. You can have the most beautiful and luxurious wedding in the world, but if you do not splurge on a great photographer or videographer you will not have fond memories to look back on. Hiring someone to take photos on your wedding day does not just result in a few pictures of you walking down the aisle, but it captures the liveliness of your guests, the laughs shared, and some of the most intimate moments that are almost missed. A huge benefit to this is that your guests stay unplugged throughout the entire wedding, taking away the distractions of unnecessary phones and cameras.


Another great way to spend a wedding budget is on good food and an open bar. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but delicious little nibbles and free drinks can keep guests in a festive mood even throughout the longest weddings. No one has ever said no to an open bar! Something that can make or break a wedding however is the ambiance and aura of the setting. Spending some extra money on the venue you really want will make the day even more special, and put your guests in awe. An amazing band or DJ will boost the energy of any reception, and a horrible one will not go unmissed. Most importantly there is still one thing that no one has ever regretted spending the extra money on, and that is the dress of your dreams. So much of planning a wedding goes into making sure the guests have a great time, but having the perfect dress is a special remembrance that will not disappear once the receptions are over. When a bride feels sexy and confident in her dress, she is unstoppable. The energy she radiates will never go unnoticed and will put a smile on the guests’ faces, the adoring groom’s face, and make the day as perfect for the bride as it could ever be.


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