May 9, 2021


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Tips and Tricks for the Bride on Your Wedding Day

We know that when it comes to your big day, things can get very stressful! There are moments that can get lost in all of the moving parts that make a wedding day happen. However, if anything goes wrong, just remember to try to go with the flow! Your wedding day is meant for you to relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones.  Harlow Events has gathered a few of our best tips and tricks for the bride on your big day, to ensure that you are able to soak up every second of your wedding, stress-free!

First, we suggest that you collect small keepsakes throughout your day! These can be letters you wrote to your bridesmaids, your significant other, or your parents. Collecting small memories throughout your wedding day may be some of the best forgotten memories years down the road! Other small sentiments can include  private vows with your partner or moments with your siblings or parents before the ceremony! Make sure you remember to take in every minute of the day!

Second, try to spend a little bit of time with each of your guests! Wedding days can get very busy, and sometimes it is easy to forget that your guests all want to spend the day celebrating you! Small gestures such as disposable cameras, notepads for the tables, and interactive games about the bride and groom can help make each of your guests feel included and connected to you and your partner.

Third, and most importantly, enjoy every single moment of your amazing day! Years down the road you will have pictures and memories, but it’s the little moments that are some of the most meaningful. Take lots of mental pictures, try not to get caught up in the stress of the day, and of course, try to relax and have fun!


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