March 31, 2022



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5 Sweet Spring Wedding Trends 

  1. Lots of Greenery 

Nothing screams spring more than being surrounded by lots of blossoming flowers and vibrant green plants. You and your guests will truly feel that you are in an enchanted garden, giving off the exact spring vibe that will make your special day truly so memorable. Putting plants and flowers on tabletops, creating a backdrop of greenery and hanging florals can be the perfect way to make your spring wedding elevated. 

  1. Having an Open Air Tent Reception 

Now that it’s springtime, the weather stays much warmer, much later. And even better, the sun sets later. So you and your new partner could have a magical first dance right at sunset and follow that with a beautiful dinner under the stars with your friends and family. There is nothing more special than sharing such a beautiful moment outdoors, yet, you are still partially indoors. 

  1. The Naked Cake 

As these cakes have become much more popular, they most definitely scream spring wedding. Decorated with minimal amounts of frosting and adding some gorgeous decorative flowers, this cake will definitely draw eyes at your reception, and be delicious to eat! 

  1. Live Music 

When it comes to the music part of your wedding, you never want your guests or yourself to be bored. Live music would definitely keep everyone entertained and create such an intimate feeling at your wedding. We can’t imagine anything more romantic than singing and dancing to live music being played right in front of you and your guests! Decorating the musicians’ stage with florals and greenery would be the perfect way to add some character into your wedding. 

  1. Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses 

When we think of spring we think light, airy, neutral colors. The bridesmaid dresses should capture that feeling just as well. Make your bridesmaids look elegant with lighter, softer colored dresses, so they almost blend in with the gorgeous flowers and plants all around. 

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