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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Picking the perfect location for your special day can be daunting and hard to find the perfect fit for you and your new spouse. However, it should be a fun process for you and shouldn’t cause extra stress. Follow this guide to narrow down your options for an easy and exciting experience!

Time of Year

When picking your wedding venue, it is essential to first decide what time of year you want the wedding to take place. It is also important to take into account what state you are located in and what the weather is usually like during that time of year. Do you want a winter wonderland or fun fall wedding? Or do you want it to be warm and sunny? This decision influences colors, flowers, guest attire and many more aspects. 

Inside, Outside or Both?

Once picking your time of year, you can the decide if you want the wedding and reception to take place inside, outside, or a mix of both. Having your wedding inside allows for reliability in a space that won’t affect your special day in case the weather takes an unexpected turn. On the contrary, having your wedding outside allows for a beautiful backdrop that can enhance the beauty of your ceremony and reception. 

Picking the Venue

Now that you have decided if you want your wedding inside or out, you can begin searching for venues! If you chose to be indoors, make sure the space you chose isn’t too big for the guests that are invited. Having a ton of empty space in the area just makes the wedding and reception feel smaller. Try to choose a venue that has a good set up for your ceremony and can be easily turned into a reception space as well. If you chose an outdoor wedding, make sure your space resembles you and your future spouse and what you two like. Lake view, mountain top, active farm or ranch, the opportunities are endless. 

Picking out your wedding venue should be fun and stress-free. If you follow these steps while also being mindful of your budget and travel time for guests, you will be golden! It is your day and what is most important is that you and your partner love the space you chose…after all, you will remember this day forever!


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