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What Type of Wedding Planner Do You Need?

Hiring a wedding planner can be a big decision, as can be any detail that goes into planning a wedding. Worried that having a wedding planner will get in the way of your own desire to plan or vision for your wedding? Stressed about juggling all the details that go into planning a wedding? Unsure about what even goes into a wedding? Use this checklist to determine what type of wedding planner best fits you! 

Full Time Planner 

Do you want to skip the planning and just enjoy your wedding day? Do you feel as though there is never enough time on your hands? Do you have no starting point regarding venue, hair and makeup or vendors? Worried about sticking to your budget? If you answered yes to these questions, a full-time planner is best for you. Full time wedding planners do most of the work for you. They schedule and attend vendor meetings, handle contracts and communication and help with event design along with much more. Hiring a full-time planner ensures that the hard work will be done for you. In addition, you could be saving more money in the end, as planners often get lower prices with vendors and ensure that the correct budget is met. 

Part Time Planner 

Have your own plan and vision but just need some help with the finalization? Want to be very involved with the planning of your wedding? Looking for guidance rather than help? A part time planner would be ideal for you. Part time wedding planners offer the same benefits as a full-time planner except with more power to the client. A part time planner’s client knows what they’re doing but just needs a bit of expertise and guidance to complete their plan. 

Wedding Coordinator

Want to do all the wedding preparation and planning yourself but want someone else in charge on the wedding day? Want someone to manage the rehearsal? Want to be assured that your wedding day will run exactly to plan? A wedding coordinator rather than a planner may be the best fit for you. Wedding coordinators can differ based on their title, day of, monthly or venue. Coordinators take away the stress of the day itself. Rather than vendors going to the bride for help, they would go to the coordinator. The wedding coordinator ensures that everything goes to plan and stays on track so that the bride and groom can enjoy the day and focus on themselves. 

Wedding Designer

Need help creating an aesthetic? Want to bring your vision to life? Looking for help for only looks? A wedding designer is the best fit for you. Designers differ greatly from full time planners in that they do not handle timelines, vendors, or contracts. Instead, designers are just there to design, listen to the clients desires and bring it to life while remaining within a certain budget.


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