August 29, 2021


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Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Wedding Day Emergencies

With so much pressure put on a single day after a full year or more of preparing for your perfect wedding, oftentimes not everything goes to plan. No matter how many details are set in place in terms of venue, catering, jewelry, and tons more, some things are uncontrollable. But there is no need to fret, with this guide you can remain calm and gain some control over the uncontrollable. 

One unexpected problem that many brides face on their wedding day are wardrobe malfunctions. No matter how much preparation goes into making sure the dress fits and both the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen tuxes are in place, problems still arise. From rips to stains a lot can go wrong in the heat of the moment. In order to prevent panic, it’s a good idea to prepare emergency boxes in preparation for the big day. Include a stain stick, fashion tape, a lint roller, shoe inserts, string, a needle, and clothing pins all in one neat and organized space available for anyone in the bridal party to use when needed. 

One of the biggest and most unpredictable emergencies that can happen on your wedding day is weather. Depending on the season of your wedding and the location it is taking place in, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable and turn bad very quickly. But how do you avoid panic on an unexpected rainy day? Embrace it! Take photos in the rain and enhance it as the unforgettable experience it is. A little rain never hurt anyone. Not a fan of getting wet? There’s always another solution, always prepare a plan b of having a pop-up tent ready for outdoor weddings, the show must go on. 

Many families face family problems, disagreements, or arguments. Even on a magical wedding day, past disagreements and tense relationships still arise. As the bride and groom of the wedding, you should not worry too much about other people’s problems because they are only there to see you and how they behave is up to them. In order to prevent stressing about disagreements, try to alter seating charts to your liking and maybe even look into wedding bouncers to oversee and break up any fights. 

Preventing some emergencies are easier than others, however on the day of, your attention will not be focused on what could go wrong but instead how excited you are that the day has finally come. Anticipation of such a big event can sometimes cause stress, anxiety, and overthinking, but all of that is preventable with a shift in perspective to remember what the day is all about. 


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