August 22, 2021



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10 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Wedding

Need to keep up with the latest trends? Do you desire a unique memorable wedding? Well continue reading and you will leave this post with ideas and new inspiration for your next event!

1. Sharing Written Letters Before the Ceremony 

Start the day off reminding one another this day is about the two of you coming together. The handwritten letters being shared at the start of the day will be a small token you both can keep forever. The notes shared are private and can bring your bond even closer the day of the wedding!

2. Limit Cellphones During Ceremony 

Yes, we understand its 2021 not being able to use your phone sounds impossible! But trust us you will love how your photos turn out in the end. Guests will be able to enjoy the ceremony along with you and your partner, without all the cellphone distractions. If guests want photos, they will have an opportunity during a photo minute at the end of your ceremony. 

3. Unique Seating Cards

This is one of the guests first impressions of your wedding. Having a unique seating chart will help make your day the most memorable. Using mirrors, props, cubes, glasses, flowers, etc. are just a few ideas for a unique seating card.

4. Polaroid or Disposable Cameras

Allowing your guest to take their own photos will separate your wedding from the rest. It keeps the guest entertained and provides everybody at the wedding with more intimate photos. Anyone can have an amazing photographer but, giving your guest their own fun cameras allow for a more personable and candid photoshoot!

5. Games

Depending on the theme of your wedding, games can be an interesting add! Especially during cocktail hour, that would be a perfect time for guest to play a fun game of corn-hole or even a life-size Jenga! 

6. Live Music

Imagine walking down the aisle hearing a harp player! Incorporating live music into your ceremony will create a more romantic atmosphere for not only your guest but you and the person you are marrying. Consider adding live music to your ceremony and your reception! Having a trumpet player or saxophone player will add a fantastic touch to your hall that most would have no considered doing!

7. Wedding Painter

The newest most talked about wedding trend, a wedding painter. You have a chance to hire an artist to paint any specific moment from your wedding. Whether it be your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance, the couple cutting the cake, you can decide! The artist can create your moment to come to life on a canvas you may keep for years and years to come!

8. Fireworks

Go out with a bang! What more says “there are sparks in the air,” like fireworks? Depending on your venue, you and your guest can enjoy your own private firework show. 

9. Useful Wedding Favors

How many party favors have you received? And how many have you actually used? Consider this when picking out the favor, you want the guest to leave your wedding with something useful. Some perfect favors include blankets, lighters, anything with a guest name on it (who would want to leave their name behind?), mini honeys or olive oil, hand sanitizers, bottle opener or even a wine glass! Options are endless, just try to think of something you would want to get as a party favor.

10. Private Last Dance

As the newlywed couple it is almost impossible to have alone time the day of the wedding. However, we solved that problem with a private last dance. When all the guests leave or are setting up for the wedding exit, give you and your partner a minute or two for a private last dance. This will enhance the day of your wedding and provide you and your partner with that intimate moment together. Not only will the photos be gorgeous but that is a moment you as the newly married couple will remember forever!


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