June 20, 2021



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Surf Hotel

Looking for a hotel with elegance and fun?! The Surf Hotel located overlooking the waves of the Buena Vista Whitewater Park is just the place to go. With suites and rooms in view of Colorado’s timeless rocky mountains and rushing rivers, the atmosphere is truly incredible. Their motto, “where luxury meets adventure”, perfectly encompasses what this beautiful hotel is all about.

Separated by property, the Surf Hotel and Chateau both offer two different experiences combined into one. What differentiates the Chateau from the Hotel are their different atmospheres perfect for different guests. The Chateau is full of cottages and courtyards, a perfect feeling of peace and serenity that evokes similarities to the european countryside. On the other end, the hotel offers a modern luxe, accompanied by a ballroom and places to eat, it is the perfect place to explore with families or friends.

The juxtaposition of delicate country to modern luxe gives guests an experience that fits them best and truly offers a well rounded experience. Staying at the Surf hotel is different than just any hotel because of this comfort and luxury unlike any other.

No car? No problem. Buena Vista Colorado has a beautiful downtown that bursts with liveliness and fun, located close to the life of the town, staying at the Surf allows guests to have easy access to events and activities perfect for families or couples. 

What sort of activities are available during my stay? You may be asking, well, the opportunities are endless. From water sports such as kayaking or paddle boarding to rustic adventures of fly fishing and walking trails, everyone’s niche can be fulfilled and experienced with a sense of togetherness.

The details located within the Surf Hotel make guests feel truly appreciated and yearning for more. The exterior structure, interior design, and everything in between leave guests in awe.

 “The balcony offered not only a great place for a nightcap overlooking the peaceful river but enabled us to see the sunrise with the great coffee and hot tea offered in the room.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the luxury linens.  Wow!”- guest at the Surf Hotel

Everything about this hotel is far from basic. Timeless, romantic, beautiful. The Surf hotel has it all. Where’s your next Colorado stay? Mine is most definitely at the surf hotel.


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