June 13, 2021


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Tips and Tricks Catering Options

When it comes to catering at your wedding, there are lots of decisions to be made. Some couples try to please their guests by having multiple options, but you should pick what food and catering style you like the best! Whether you’re planning on having a luxurious meal or finger food, there are many pros and cons to each catering option and the happy couple should decide what they want the most. Here are some ideas: 

Sit-Down Meal

Having a sit-down meal is a more traditional way to celebrate. Your guests also will have a lot of time to socialize and have fun. There is also a very elegant vibe to a sit-down meal, so if elegance is right up your alley this might be the option for you! You are also able to budget what you are serving which is definitely a plus! 

However, a sit-down meal is more expensive than other options. You will also have to make sure there’s a waitstaff at your venue.

Buffet Style

Buffet style is much cheaper compared to other catering options. Your guests can decide what they want to eat, which many guests tend to prefer. Also, there is more of a variety of food, which can be beneficial when trying to serve guests with different tastes and preferences, as well as food sensitivities. 

On the downside, guests do have to leave their tables which can create a commotion. Food could also be dropped while walking to and from the buffet table which can lead to a mess!

Food Trucks

Food trucks are great because guests can be outside and mingle! Also, if the venue doesn’t have a traditional kitchen, this is the perfect option. Food trucks are also unique and different!

However, there is likely to be a long wait for food which can take up a chunk of time. The trucks also may not stay long at the event and can be a hassle. 

Whichever catering option you choose, it should ultimately be what you want. After all, it is your wedding day, and you deserve to have your big day end with a ceremony with your favorite foods!


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