May 23, 2021


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Tips & Tricks How to Pick Your Bridesmaid Dresses

We get it. As the bride, you want to pick dresses for your bridal party that you absolutely adore but you also want all your girls to love it too. Finding that happy medium is tricky- but there’s no need to stress! We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to achieve that perfect balance and keep everyone happy!

Try playing with color! It’s basically impossible to choose one dress color that every bridesmaid is going to love. Give the girls some choice! Try picking one base color that you adore and let your bridesmaids choose between different shades or complementary colors. This can create a beautiful color palette of dresses and adds uniqueness to your bridal party as well!

Provide options! Everyone’s body is different. Everyone feels their best in different cuts, lengths, and necklines. No one wants to wear a dress that they feel uncomfortable in. So, we recommend you try to offer different styles! This is the perfect way to keep your bridal party the same but different in a unique way. Giving your bridesmaids some leeway to choose between several style options- short dresses, high neck dress, or a long-sleeve option can help everyone feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

Try a convertible dress! Convertible dresses create a perfect balance of uniform and uniqueness. Simply choose your favorite dress color and let your girls do the rest! Each girl can tie up the top of the dress in a different way that makes them feel their best. The ways to configure convertible dresses are endless and provide so much room for creativity!

Overall, the best way to keep your dress selection enjoyable for everyone is to turn it into an event. Make it a girls day! Have a lunch date with your girlfriends, go dress shopping together, and make sure everyone’s voices are heard in terms of what makes them comfortable. However, don’t forget it’s your wedding. At the end of the day, the dress selection is up to you!


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